Hair Removal Treatment & Price List 

Diathermy Electroysis


Also known as Short Wave. This works

by using an alternating current to create vibrations that cause the water in the skin

to heat and therefore damage the cells that

cause hair growth. An excellent treatment

for slowing down & gradually stopping hair

growth altogether!


Consultation prior to any

treatment is essential.


Charges are time dependant.

Consulation               No charge               

Less than 10 Min       £9           

Up to 15 Min              £16.00

Up to 30 Min              £24.00



15% off when 3 or more waxing treatments are taken together




Eyebrow Shape

Upper Lip/Chin

Half Leg

Full Leg Wax

Half Arm

Full Arm






£24.00             30 Mins

£9.00               15 Mins

£8.00               15 Mins

£21.00             30 Mins

£29.00             45 Mins

£14.00             15 Mins

£19.00             30 Mins

£12.00             15 Mins

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