For your Face Treatment & Price List



The times indicated includes consultation

and after care our Dermalogica Facials

all include our specialist face mapping

technique. An individually tailored

technique, which concentrates on

targeting specific areas of your face

in more depth.


Medicated Clearing

Environment Control



Course of 6 - £236

£48.00              1Hour 15

£48.00              1Hour 15

£48.00              1Hour 15

Stay Young Facial


Non Surgical Micro Current uses a

frequency specific system that works

inline with your body to re-educate

your muscles & therefore lift and

define the face & neck. This is a softer

version of the Genie Take Ten.


£48.00 - 45 Mins


Course of 10 - £428.00        

Non-surgical Facelifts:


Genie Take Ten is a thousand times

stronger than Micro Current & by

contracting at intervals, it strengthens

the muscles & therefore lifts & 

defines the face & neck.


£44.00 - 45 Mins


Course of 10 - £392

Genie Skin Tech Microdermabrasion Facial


Genie Skin Tech is 100% Organic

Wheatgerm Microdermabrasion.

This deep exfoliation reduces

fine lines, wrinkles, small scars,

dilated pores, skin imperfections &

alsoencourages faster cell rejuvenation.


£51.00 - 1 Hour 15


Course of 5 - £198.00


Stay Young Lymphatic Drainage


Breaks down toxins & encourages

better circulation and reduces fluid

retention & brightens the skin. It is

also ideal for anyone suffering from

Nasal congestion & Sinus problems

 £19.00 - 30 Mins


Course of 5 - £76.00


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