For Your Body Treatment & Price List

Dermalogica Body Treatments


Hydro - Active Mineral Salt Scrub

An exfoliation treatment to remove surface

debris, encourage cell renewal, improves

circulation & brightens the skin. Also the

perfect way to prepare skin before other

body treatments.


£26.00 - 45 Mins



A deeply hydrating, milk free

treatment, which leaves the skin feeling soft & refreshed. Fantastic for dry to normal skin.


£28.00 - 45 Mins


Enzymatic Sea Mud Pack:


An excellent detoxifying treatment which

also nourishes the skin with minerals.

The best way to combat fluid retention

and assist with inch loss!


£32.00 - 45 Mins

Purifying Back:

This does exactly what it says! It

deeply detoxifies & therefore purifies

the skin & whilst replacing nutrients, it

also hydrates the skin & relaxes the muscles.

Leaving you with soft, fresh skin to match

your feeling of calm. Having a regular

treatment will help prevent breakouts.


£28.00 - 45 Mins

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